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Pan(dem)ic policies: what WTO can do — 12 December 2020 (LINK)

Geneva's uncelebrated, prizewinning forerunner of prefabricated housing — 27 October 2020 (LINK)

'UN virtual meetings cost us more than face-to-face sessions' — 11 September 2020 (LINK)

Global Trade Reset — time to order your MWGA cap? — 8 July 2020 (LINK)

What if 2020 isn't cancelled? '20 or 60? You're not in the same world' — 9 June 2020 (LINK)

'People, planet, profit can be the new norm: Post-COVID finance — 16 June 2020 (LINK)

Global green recovery: what it requires — 9 June 2020 (LINK)

Saving Brand Geneva — 28 May 2020 (LINK)

Zooming in on the circular economy — 18 May 2020 (LINK)

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Our Special Reports are additions to our coverage. They are designed to inform specialists about issues and meetings they might otherwise miss.

We don't attempt to match what you can find in official accounts (if you can find them). We seek to highlight the best ideas that could change the debate, particularly in Geneva.

Our aim is to make many of these as possible free. Other reports will be for supporters of the Global-Geneva. A few reports will ask for a small contribution, usually of CHF10 or the equivalent in US$ or cryptocurrencies, to cover the editorial time involved in reporting an event.

Our listings will indicate clearly which are free and which are not.

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