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Global-Geneva Special Reports: BookZone

Global-Geneva Special Reports are additions to our coverage designed to inform specialists about issues and meetings they might otherwise miss.

We don't attempt to match what you can find in official accounts (if offered). We seek to highlight the best ideas that could change the debate, particularly in Geneva.

BookZone is our selection of useful and interesting books with an international Geneva link.

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Full listing

The Future is Asian. Parag Khanna. 26 June 2019. (LINK)

The Trade – Inside the Afghan Labyrinth. Jere Van Dyk. Global-Geneva. 28 January 2019. (LINK)

On a Slippery Slope. Shaggy Dog Tales. Paul Ress. Global-Geneva. 26 December 2018. (LINK)

Crowdfunding the books you want, and disrupting big business. The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent. Gib Bulloch. Global-Geneva. 30 October 2018. (LINK)

Rilke's Valais: 'I have this country in the blood'. Global-Geneva. 5 October 2018. (LINK)

Hemingway's and Fitzgerald's Slippery Slope in Switzerland. Padraig Rooney. Global-Geneva. 25 April 2018. (LINK)

Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan: Humanitarian & Visionary. Diana Miserez. Global-Geneva. 2 November 2017. (LINK)

Expat writers, Syrian refugees and exiles. Morges Literary Festival. Global-Geneva. 1 November 2017. (LINK)

Lost and found at the Swiss book festival. Global-Geneva. 8 October 2017. (LINK)

'The most famous woman in Europe' 200 years on. Global-Geneva. 25 July 2017. (LINK)

Paris to the Pyrenees: A Skeptic Pilgrim Walks the Way of Saint James. David Downie. Originally published in The Essential Edge. 19 April 2013. (LINK)

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Reaching the other, neglected 1%: Big money for small businesses. ITC. 10 October 2019.

UNECE tackles philosophy’s trolley problem. Autonomous vehicle rules. UNECE. 5 October 2019.

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