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CROSSLINES Global Report

No 34 September/October 1999


The NYU and European Centers for War, Peace, and the News Media

The Center for War, Peace, and the News Media is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to supporting journalists and news organizations worldwide in their efforts to sustain an informed and engaged citizenry. The Center is headquartered at the New York University Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, where it was founded in 1985. Its European affiliate was created in 1998 and is based in London. The goals of the Centers are:

to explore the role of the media in the dynamics of war, peace, and conflict and do develop journalism-based interventions to help prevent such conflict;

to promote those norms and practices which independent journalism requires to operate effectively in the emerging media environment; and

to strengthen those economic, legal, and educational institutions necessary to support fully functioning media sectors in emerging democracies.

The Centers' current activities are concentrated on initiating projects that explore constructive roles for the media in ethnic, civil, and other substate and international conflicts; assisting journalists in their coverage of international affairs; and aiding journalists and news organizations in societies in transition with the development of a professional, democratic, and economically sound media, primarily in Russia, where the National Press Institute has been established by the NYU Center.

The Centers' institutional partners in the Reporting Diversity Network include:

Albanian Media Institute (Tirana), Association of Independent Electronic Media (Belgrade), Center for Independent Journalism (Bucharest), Center for Independent Journalism (Budapest), Center for Multicultural Understanding and Cooperation (Skopje), Independent Journalists' Association of Serbia (Belgrade), International Federation of Journalists (Brussels), Latvia University Department of Journalism (Riga), Media Center (Belgrade), Media Development Centre (Sofia), Media Plan Institute (Sarajevo), National Press Institute (Moscow), Panonia Press Network (Vojvodina), Roma Press Center (Budapest), Soros Media Center (Sarajevo), and STINA News Agency (Split).

Other "Media and Conflict" projects underway include theoretical research on potential media initiatives for conflict prevention and management, an inventory of existing media-based conflict resolution programs; research on the issue of journalism and war crimes, and development of a 'Trauma and Media' project exploring uses of media in post-conflict healing and reconciliation.


Center for War Peace, and the News Media, Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication, New York University, 418 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003 USA
T: 1(212)-998-7960
F: 1(212)-995-4143

European Center for War, Peace, and the News Media
54 Belsize Lane
London NW3 5AR, United Kingdom
T/F: 44(171)-435-9282 ;


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