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Nestlé appeals to Swiss supreme court against harassment judgement

"Nestlé admits 'moral harassment' took place but says it took steps after learning of the situation and the transfer proposed after she accused the multinational of failing in medical security of its food proudcts did not constitute harassment." 20 Minutes notes: "Shouldered aside and persecuted, she was finally fired in 2010 before lodging a legal complaint one year later."

Yasmine Motarjemi, former Nestlé director of food safety, after a career at the World Health Organization, has asked for a symbolic CHF1 franc damages, and CHF2.1 million in costs and lost revenues. See below.

20min/ats (LINK, French only)

Whistleblower wins case against Nestlé on appeal

Yasmine Motarjemi, 2019 joint winner of GUE/NGL Award for Journalists, Whistleblowers and Defenders of the Right to Information, won her appeal against Nestlé in her lengthy whistleblowing case in Switzerland on 7 January 2020, her supporters announced on 21 January.

In a statement she responded: "My judicial battle continues, as I still have to fight on many fronts, including for my financial survival. However, I hope that this recent breakthrough will mark a turning point in my long struggle for ethical behavior, justice and respect for human rights."

Interestingly, I cannot find any Swiss source to point you to.

Global-Geneva report on 4 June 2018

Icelandic whistle-blowing and Klausturgate revisited:

Holding politicians to account

The citizens of Iceland have been holding delinquent politicians of the world's oldest parliament (Althing 930 AD) to account for "bad boy" sexist banter. Caroline Hunt reports on the Iceland saga and suggests such human rights initiatives may be replicated elsewhere in the world, including Switzerland.


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